360 Degrees Sales Training Programs

Are you looking to improve your company sales?

Then it’s time to help your sales team improve their skills.

And Sales Insight India’s 360 Degree Sales Training Program is perfect for you.

Let us tell you why:

Being a Salesman in India is easy but to get the results is extremely challenging. In a competitive market like India, the Sales Process is lengthy, full of twist turns, and each sale needs a new strategy, focus and work.

Bookish and academic knowledge is seldom enough to help win business.

Utilising over 25 years of real sales experience in India, having worked with both national and international company, this program has been specially designed by Mr. Riddhish Jalnapurkar to cover every aspect of the sales process from the Enquiry stage to Successful Sales to building sustainable customer relationships forever.

The program is full of real life situations encountered by the salesmen in India and practical ways to navigate through these situations with an ultimate aim to win the customer confidence and business.

This is not your regular sales training program replete with power point presentation. This is a 24-carat gold value program that can only find with Mr. Riddhish Jalnapurkar at Sales Insight India.

Company tailored programs are available on request.