Business Growth Consultancy


The companies already in the business of sheet metal working industry with one product, are looking for the new business markets and product lines. Due to the existing business commitments, they find no or little time to explore the new product lines those could be more profitable for them in the future. We can offer you our business intelligence and knowledge to identify new product lines that can be manufactured in the existing factory to multiply your profits.


We can evaluate your needs for metal working machines for your products and provide you up to date information necessary on the range technologies and machines available for your application with guidance on investment and finance options.

We can assist you secure an overseas financing for your machine tool needs at attractive interest rates and also help you with documentation for the same.


If you are in India or outside, we can help you find a manufacturing partner with requisite infrastructure to make your sheet metal work in India as per your design.

With our vast experience and relations with key people in the metal working industry, we can connect you with companies with infrastructure to make your products in any part of India.


Through our knowledge partners, we can help you design or redesign your existing or new products for faster turnaround times, better material utilization and efficiency, improve product functionality, and create excellent aesthetic appeal to stay ahead of competition in local and global markets.